2014/2015 Jazz Band

Our Festival pieces:

1)    Otra Vez:

Our arrangement here.
This is a MP3 version

2)    The Swinging’ Shepherd Blues:

Our arrangement here.

3)    Pick up the Pieces:

Our arrangement here:

Slowed down version MP3

Original artist (Average White Band) here:
Phil Collins Big Band here:
Candy Dulfer here:

Other potential pieces:

Feeling Good:  Listen here

Mister Zoot Suit:  Listen here

How High the Moon:Listen here.
Bone Busters:Listen here.

 Swingin’ Shepherd Blues Solo Section
Trumpet (+ Tenor)
Trumpet (like recording)
Trumpet 2nd half modified
Alto Sax
Alto (chords only)

Swingin’ Shepherd Blues Part Help:

Alto 1
Alto 2
Tenor 1
Tenor 2
Bari Sax
Trumpet 1, Bass & Drums
Trumpet 2
Trumpet 3
Trumpet 4
Trombone 1
Trombone 2
Trombone 3

Otra Vez  Part Help

 Otra Vez Solos
                 Here is a version for printing

Pick up the Pieces Part Help

Superstition Part Help
Bass – use any of above
Guitar – use any of above for common rhythms
Drums – use any of above
Bass (Aviv) modified
Trumpet Solo 61-79 for:
Alto Solo 88-104 for:
New Solo (first 8 bars = hard, last 8 bars = easy):
Trumpet high
Improvisation scale and background

Feeling Good Part Help